A downloadable game for Windows

This game was created in 72 hours by Jake McLeman for Ludum Dare 33 with the theme:

"You are the Monster"

Your desire for more will turn you into the monster

You are left to survive in a miniature ecosystem, but be careful as your needs and desire to build can quickly cause the world to go badly wrong if you consume recklessly.

If you build something awesome, please tweet me a picture of your structure in the ruined world you created @Aevek


Two game breaking bugs have been fixed. In accordance with Ludum Dare rules the original is still available, but I recommend the 1.1 fixed version. Everything else is the same.

  • Bug preventing inventory from being opened
  • Bug preventing the end of the world


WASD to move

TAB to open inventory

E to interact with objects

1, 2, 3 to change tool

Click to place object in build mode


consume_win_v1-1.zip 50 MB
consume_win_v1.zip 50 MB


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