A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


...Where is the game? Where is...anything? Why are you standing around before all the couches and enemies load in?

In Asset Stream you'll have to traverse through the empty void to load the game. Jump, climb,wall run, and fight your way across game assets as they pop in to get the game to load in.

"W,A,S,D, and Space" to move.

"E" to switch weapons after you pick them up.

"Z" to respawn if you get stuck.

Good Luck!

All assets and scripts created from scratch in 72 hours including audio and models.

Update: Bugfix 1

We have uploaded a minor bugfix patch that prevents a softlock issue that some players encountered, as well as repositions a few checkpoints and (ironically) an asset streaming issue. We also removed a few unused assets to decrease the download size. The original LD version is still available if you want to judge based on the originally submitted build, but if you encounter any of these issues there please check in the updated version before reporting them.

Jake McLeman
Eli Wulff
Alan Tsang
Keenan Wulff

~Composer/Sound Designer~
Thomas Parrish

~3D Artist~
Hayden Yeagley

~Game Designers~
Jake McLeman
Eli Wulff
Alan Tsang


AssetStream_bugfix1_Win64.zip 47 MB
AssetStream_bugfix1_OSX.zip 48 MB
AssetStream_LD45_Win64.zip 44 MB
AssetStream_LD45_OSX.zip 45 MB


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