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In Checkmate, you play as chess pieces defending your castle from an attack.  The goal is simply to survive as long as possible.

As you play, you will level up through the chess pieces, each one coming with a newer and more deadly attack style.  Hold down your left or right mouse button to charge up an attack, and release it to destroy your enemies.  The Queen and King also have an extra attack move bound to your shift key.

Your attacks have a cooldown, but that cool down will be reset so long as your your attack connects, allowing you to chain multiple attacks together.

Eli Wulff - Gameplay Programming / Mechanics Design

Chris Meese - Gameplay Programming / Audio Design

Hayden Yeagley - 3D Art / Testing

Jake McLeman - Gameplay Programming / Level Design

Edit: Minor bugfix upon death.

Version 1.0 - Original LD41 Jam submission

Version 1.1 - Minor balance tweaks to increase pawns and shorten level ups, as well as bugfixing for the knight escaping and camera clipping through walls

Calum Fraser of freegameplanet.com wrote this great article about Checkmate!

Good luck!

Published 30 days ago
AuthorsAevek, ewulff
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 41
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksLudum Dare


Checkmate_1-0.zip 59 MB
Checkmate_1-1.zip 44 MB


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You're start screen is messed up...if u play in windowed mode