A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In this game, you play as Clippy, the expert computer repair paperclip who has been called in to clean up the hard drive of a long forgotten PC.  There is a rogue program in the "My Computer" folder that is blocking access to vital files and downloading endless amounts of spam.  Your mission is to gain access to the My Computer folder by any means necessary and stop this program before it fills up the whole hard drive with nonsense!


  • V1.1
    • Fixed final boss bug that made the game unwinnable
    • Fixed progress-stopping bug with the firewall in my pictures appearing too soon and trapping the player on the wrong side
    • Fixed a bug where the shield pickup was invisible
    • Added a bug where the final boss drops a pickup it should not (doesn't seem to have any negative effects, just looks weird)


LD42_ClippysAwakening_1-1_Win 22 MB
LD42_ClippysAwakening_1-1_OSX 29 MB
LD42_ClippysAwakening_1-1_Linux 42 MB
LD42_ClippysAwakening_Win.zip 22 MB
LD42_ClippysAwakening_OSX.zip 28 MB


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The game is great, but some things could be improved. 
1. Clippy's health: It's too high compared to the damage that the "red folder" and bosses do, making it almost impossible to die in a normal gameplay. Maybe less health/more damage could solve this OR you could add difficulty options that would give the player less health and/or more damage.
2. Non-existent cooldowns that the skills/powers have: the game is easily beatable by just spamming "shift" or "control" every time that an enemy appears (after you got the skill/power). A 2-5 second cooldown would be great just to stop this kind of action + give the player a little more of a hassle avoiding projectiles.
3. Keys: they are easily collectable by just running and going back (because the enemies don't do much damage), making them kind of useless. You could add more damage to the enemies (already suggested) or make the key only appear after you killed every single enemy on the room/folder.

These are the main ones that I could think of right now. I hade some ideas that could be developed, but that's to you: making the keys spawn at random spots/folders instead of the same ones every run and making the enemies spawn at different locations every run (since it's very easy to beat the game in 2-4 minutes when you remember the folders/locations).

Thanks for the great feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it, and we appreciate the suggestions. We intentionally balanced the game to be on the easier side for the jam, since most people aren't willing to give a game more than about 5 minutes when judging submissions we deliberately made it so they could see basically the whole game in that time. We do intend on releasing a post-jam version with difficulty settings to mitigate this, but since this was built in 72 hours we didn't really have time. 

Your suggestion about making the keys appear only after the room is cleared is a good idea, and we'll definitely try that out in the future. The idea of making the keys appear randomly is also worth experimenting.

Thanks again for the feedback and  suggestions.

I seem to of gotten soft locked? I couldn't leave pictures, their was a firewall blocking the way. Is this a bug?

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That's intended. If you find the item down that path you'll be able to get out thru it!