A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


You have devoted your entire life to the efficient production of currency. From ore to coins, this process defines your entire existence. Improving your facility to churn out only the highest quality coinage is your only purpose in life.

Manage your currency factory, turning ore into ingots, ingots into sheets, sheets into blanks and finally stamping your blanks into finished DampCoins, ready for your adoring fans to spend.

For jam judging, please make sure to download the base version, we have added a post-jam version with much better balance and some more content and features to bring it more in line with what we wanted to make. OSX and Linux versions are not as tested as windows, please let me know if you have any issues with them.

In the post-jam version you can expand your factory indefinitely, but it will start to hurt your computer beyond a point. You have been warned.

POSTJAM Patch Notes


  • Added ore mining mechanic
  • Added pickaxe upgrades
  • Added barricade to block factory until it is purchased
  • Added factory extensions
  • Added music (4 tracks)
  • Added more sound effects
  • Added OSX and Linux builds


  • Fixed currency readout trailing decimals
  • Fixed coin spillover from end bins


WASD - Move
Mouse - Look
Left Mouse - Buy (when prompted)


MrMoney_POSTJAM_Win64.zip 51 MB
MrMoney_POSTJAM_OSX.zip 67 MB
MrMoney_POSTJAM_Linux64.zip 52 MB
MrMoney_Win64.zip 24 MB

Development log


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Nice little idle clicker.   Disappointed that there's no mining animation on the pick, and the different machine rows all print the exact same coin. Wold be nice to at least have them different colors. Each next coin would be worth a bit more.

no save and load

hey dev if u are reading this (maybe u are adding this) but make  settings soo i  can   see how fast i was to move my screen and if i want it to look bad soo it isn't laggy if u are trying to add this  great but if arn't thinking of it ok  there is other ways to  make an  ame better with out an settings button

hello idk if its only for me or other people but i got a problem with this game.
when i launch it it gives me an error about cant fit inside the screen or smth like that.
if someone could help me i would be really happ

Hi there! I'd like to get this fixed but need a little more info. What platform are you using? And which version of the game is this on?

im using windows and i think its the latest version
Basically i downloaded the file on 10/05/2019